Replace Missing Teeth Options (Dental Implant Questions Answered)

What are your options when you need to replace missing teeth?

Get answers to your missing teeth replacement questions and concerns. In this in-depth interview, Randy Alverez, host of The Wellness Hour, pulls no punches as he interviews Dr. Derrick Johnson, DDS of Integrated Dentistry discussing the truth about dental implants.


In this interview, you’ll learn answers to denture and dental implant topics like…

1. Why nobody should be wearing a loose-fitting denture.

2. Advantages of getting your dental work done under one roof.

3. Why you lose 10 times the bitting power when you have dentures… and how to get it back.

4. The number of people needing dentures (hint: it’s Razorback Stadium big!)

5. Why most patients who need dental implants never get them.

6. Why age limit is not a factor for dental implants.

7. How sedation dentistry makes the procedures a lot less painful than you would expect for such a transformation.

8. You’ll meet the patients that can now eat apples, corn on the cob, steak, etc… and are so much happier now.

9. Debunk the myth regarding not having enough bone for dental implants.

10. Most peoples biggest regret…

And a whole lot more.

Video Transcription:

Randy Alvarez:  You’re watching The Wellness Hour, the leader in medical news and information, I’m Randy Alvarez. Today’s topic, replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

With us, we have an expert on the topic. He says nobody should be wearing a loose-fitting denture. With us, Dr. Johnson. Dr. Johnson, welcome to the program.

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Derrick Johnson:  Hey, thank you. Glad to be here.

Randy Alvarez:  Now for people who don’t know your practice, who’s your typical patient, what are the different services you offer? I guess you do more than just dental implants, but that’s your focus, right?


Derrick Johnson:  Right, right. We do a full range of dental services. It’s an adults only practice. We’re located in the Ozark’s of Arkansas but we serve the entire state of Arkansas, Southern Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee.

Randy Alvarez:  People really drive that far to see you?

Derrick Johnson:  Yeah, they do, Randy. We do some unique things. I think the main thing is we do a lot of things under one roof. Some of these more complex cases and we’re gonna talk about implants and things, a lot of times people are getting sent to multiple offices. We’re doing everything under one roof.

Randy Alvarez:  Right there?

Derrick Johnson:  Yeah.


Randy Alvarez:  When it comes to implants, I guess the way it’s normally done is you got to one doctor, that’s the surgeon that puts the implant in, and then you go to another dentist that puts the tooth on top, maybe somewhere else for the imaging. You do it all right there?

Derrick Johnson:  Exactly.

Randy Alvarez:  Aside from convenience, is there any advantage to doing it that way?


Derrick Johnson:  Absolutely. It just gives better outcomes. I can go on and on about the advantages. It’s also much more convenient for the patient to have everything done in one place. Much better outcomes, start to finish, everything’s focused on the same goal of getting a great result.

Randy Alvarez:  Now, I’m trying not to categorize people but I guess there’s two main type of people, people that their teeth are really bad, right? They may be headed to dentures. Then there are people that are already wearing dentures. Is that the typical patient that comes in for dental implants?

Derrick Johnson:  Yeah, exactly, exactly. That’s a big focus of our practice is helping people with existing denture problems. Dentures can be a huge problem.


Randy Alvarez:  You don’t like them by the way right? Traditional dentures?

Derrick Johnson:  Yeah, traditional dentures, it’s just, I know that there’s something so much better. Even the best-made denture that looks good and fits as good as it can, it’s not, by a factor of 10, there’s less points. When somebody loses their teeth and goes into a conventional denture, they lose 10 times their biting force.

missing teeth problems



The problem is, there’s nothing holding that denture in. You can’t really tear a steak. You can kind of simulate chewing and it’s better that nothing but you’re not really chewing your food like your food is meant to be chewed.


Dental implants completely changes that. Now, there’s something where those teeth are locked in place and the chewing power’s back and actually, sometimes we can get more, you can get more biting force with implants then you can even with natural teeth. It’s a huge leap forward in what people can eat, their confidence level. You won’t believe some of the problems that people have with conventional dentures.

Randy Alvarez:  By the way, are there a lot of people where you are that are wearing, either an upper or lower denture or they’re headed to dentures? Is this a big problem where you are?

Derrick Johnson:  In my area, everybody knows Razorback Stadium. You could fill Razorback Stadium several times over with the amount of people with dentures or heading to dentures. It’s a pretty huge problem.

'You could fill Razorback Stadium several times over with the amount of people with dentures or heading to dentures.' Click To Tweet


Randy Alvarez:  If it’s so good then, what’s your take on why they’re all not doing it? Why aren’t they coming in to get their teeth I guess attached to dental implants?

Derrick Johnson:  There’s a lot of reasons for that. One, when somebody has dentures, they’re really out of the system. A lot of denture wearers are not going to the dentist on a regular basis. Nobody’s telling them what their options area.


The second thing, if you understood the life of somebody who … what their life was like before they wore a denture, often times, there was 10, 15 years of the continual dental problem, root canals, extractions, root canals that didn’t work, crown work, fillings bad breath, gum disease. It becomes, for those people when it finally, when they finally have their teeth extracted, it’s a relief.

The last thing they’re thinking about is new dental procedures.

Randy Alvarez:  They don’t want to go see you, ’cause nobody likes the dentist, is that true?

Derrick Johnson:  They don’t want to go back, yeah. What’s that?

Randy Alvarez:  Do you hear that by the way? No offense, doctor.


Derrick Johnson:  Yeah. Well sure, it’s not the … yeah, there’s better things you could do with your day, but if you get you are dentistry done right and get it solved, it’s one of the most powerful things that you could do for yourself.

Randy Alvarez:  One of the things you say is that, on the day of the procedure, people could actually walk into your office with no teeth, walk out with teeth, full arch of teeth.

Derrick Johnson:  Absolutely.

Randy Alvarez:  Is that right? Is that common or every once in a while?

Derrick Johnson:  Happens every day. Let me show you.


This is one woman we just saw her last week. Here was her before picture, this is basically what she looked like the day she came in. Her smile had been holding her back for years.

dental implants before and after pictures arkanas

She was telling me, “Hey, I know better, I’m in healthcare, I should have been doing something with my teeth,” but she hadn’t.


It finally got to the point where that problem was big enough that she was ready to do something about it. That is her new smile and that is the smile she got the day that she came in for the procedure. She left like that. The picture was taken two days after at the office.

Randy Alvarez:  She was headed for dentures, right?

Derrick Johnson:  Yes, absolutely.

Randy Alvarez:  She didn’t want dentures.

Derrick Johnson:  She did not want dentures. She’s young, active energetic. She scuba dives. She couldn’t have teeth that come in and out. Her treatment plan was based on, we want teeth that are fixed and stay in.

Randy Alvarez:  How old can you be to get this stuff by the way?

Derrick Johnson:  Really, there’s no age limit. I have patients in their 70’s, 80’s, 90’s.

Randy Alvarez:  Really?

Derrick Johnson:  Getting … yes.


Randy Alvarez:  Why would they want to do it, a 90-year-old?

Derrick Johnson:  Well Randy, they’re just like you and me. They want to eat, they want to chew, they want to smile. They want to enjoy their time with friends. That doesn’t change at any age. Actually, it can become more important with age, it’s a huge advantage as you’re later in life when you have a good, solid solution for your teeth, I mean, the quality of your life goes up dramatically.


What I see, is sometimes just after one or two appointments after the consultation and exam, they just start to loosen up and their fear goes way, way down. We offer sedation, there’s a lot of ways-

Randy Alvarez:  So they’re comfortably sedated when this is done? Doesn’t hurt while it’s being done? It seems painful by the way.


Derrick Johnson:  No, actually this is a procedure, I get this consistently from patients. They think, “Doc, I had this done and I thought this was gonna be this is big implant procedure,” and I talk to them the next day and they’re like, ” Hey, I’m feeling pretty good.” It’s much less than people anticipate.

Randy Alvarez:  We’re gonna take a quick break. We come back, more about the process, what people could expect on day one. You’re watching The Wellness Hour, I’m Randy Alvarez, we’ll be right back.

Speaker 3:  I couldn’t smile and show my teeth. It was … not even my family knew how bad my smile had gotten. My personality has blossomed over the last year. It has literally blossomed to what I used to be when I was young.

dental implant patient


Speaker 4:  People ask, “Are you approaching 40 instead of 70?” I feel much younger, I feel much more confident.

missing tooth options

Speaker 5:  My upper denture would fall out and then I’m in a restaurant, I’m chewing on something, my denture would fall out and everybody would see it.

tooth replacement patient


I can eat everything. I can eat apples, I can eat corn on the cob, I can eat steak without having to grind it up. It’s just a good feeling that I know if I to out to eat, I can eat anything I want. I can smile now, I feel more confident. I can go anywhere I want. I can eat where I want, I can go out where I want, I can smile at people now. I don’t have to walk with my head down so people don’t see my teeth.

Randy Alvarez:  You’re watching The Wellness Hour, the leader in medical news and information, I’m Randy Alvarez. Today’s topic, replacing missing teeth with dental implants according to my guess, he says, nobody should be wearing a loose-fitting denture, they should be, I guess, secured by dental implants, right?


Derrick Johnson:  That’s correct.

Randy Alvarez:  I don’t want to put words in your mouth here.

Derrick Johnson:  In this day and age, dental implants are such a major advance, denture problems should be a thing of the past.

Randy Alvarez:  Isn’t it true though that if you’ve been wearing dentures 30 years, right, you don’t have enough bone for dental implants.


Derrick Johnson:  That’s not true. Almost all cases, we can help people with … who’ve had dentures no matter how long. People might have been told that, it’s a very common thing that they’re told but oftentimes they’re told that from a dentist who doesn’t do a lot of implants or doesn’t have a lot of implant experience or maybe doesn’t have the imaging techniques that we have that can show us exactly where the bone is and where those implants can go.

Randy Alvarez:  You believe that you’re really transforming people’s lives. In fact, you say in one day, their life’s changed. Elaborate on that.


Derrick Johnson:  I tell you, probably the best way I can elaborate is just … I’m telling you what patients are telling me. Here’s another case I want to show you.


This is a woman who, she had some loss in her life. She is an incredible lady and she actually had tons of friends in her life and she was telling me this story that her friends would call her and say, “Hey, let’s take you out, we want to cheer you up and let take you out to dinner.” She was actually turning down all the support that she had in her life because she was ashamed of her teeth.

With her, her teeth were heading south pretty fast. Obviously, it was affecting her diet but the main thing is it was affecting her socially, she wasn’t connecting with the people that she wanted to connected with.


Let’s take a look, what we did is, we saved the teeth that we could, we used dental implants to rebuild her upper and lower arch of teeth and take a look at the after and you know, that’s what I’m talking about as far as giving her smiling back. It’s more than giving her smile back, this is about giving her her full life back. Engaging in life. She is eating the foods that she wants. She’s eating pizza and salads and fresh fruit and fresh vegetables.

Randy Alvarez:  Can she bite a carrot with her front teeth?

Derrick Johnson:  Absolutely.

Randy Alvarez:  Whatever you want?

Derrick Johnson:  No restrictions. There’s no restriction. The same restrictions I would … the same limits I would have for somebody who had their natural teeth, like okay, don’t bite your nails or things like that, but there’s no restrictions. This is just like her having her natural teeth back.


You know what we always do Randy, we do … I see people before they come in, we do a consultation and then we do an interview when we’re done with the case because I want to make sure that everybody’s completely happy and we met their goals. We have a clip and she describes some of these things we talked about.

Randy Alvarez:  Okay, you brought a clip, let’s go to that clip.

Derrick Johnson:  Yeah, yeah.

Randy Alvarez:  Okay, she’s basically talking about her … the benefits of her new teeth?

Derrick Johnson:  Yes.

Randy Alvarez:  Okay, let’s take a look at that.


Speaker 6:  This smile is mine. These teeth are mine. They’re not something I take out at night and put in in the morning. I love that it can look at a picture taken of me and see those white teeth and it looks so good. I love that.

I don’t have to hide from anything. There’s plenty of times in your life to cry but man, it’s so great to smile.

Randy Alvarez:  That’s very nice.


Derrick Johnson:  Randy, that’s common. I have over 100 videos, you can go to my website. This very typical themes that happen when somebody gets this type of work done. I’ll tell you another thing that people tell me, is when they get this done, the biggest regret they have, is that they didn’t do it years ago.

Randy Alvarez:  Is that right?

Derrick Johnson:  Yeah and let me show you another example here.


replace missing teeth options

This is Charlie and I absolutely love Charlie, he’s a great guy. He and his wife are great patients. The interesting thing, when I got done with Charlie’s case, we sat down talking to Charlie, the interesting thing is when we talked to his wife and his wife tells me, she says, “I feel like I’ve got Charlie back.” Charlie’s personality, like it was 20 years ago. He’s a guy where his mouth kind of just slowly got into trouble over time and he didn’t realize how bad it was getting.

Take a close look at the before, after picture. Which guy there is more energetic, happier has more vitality?

Randy Alvarez:  That’s true, that’s true.

Derrick Johnson:  [00:13:00]
I’ve seen … I’ve been doing this for 20 years and I’d see this pattern. I call it the ripple effect. It’s like, sure, we’re changing the teeth and smile, but it creates this ripple effect and you wouldn’t believe the amount of people … we get this done, it changes the look of their face, they get more confident, a lot of times, they’ll get on exercise programs or they’ll stop smoking. They kind of use this as this launching pad to improve all these other areas of their life. That’s what I mean by the ripple effect.

smiles create confidence


I’ve had a patient who, she came to me, really down about her smile, depressed, within months after getting her smile done, the same type of work, she got off antidepressants, she met the man who later became her husband. It just energized her life. When the smile … when somebody’s holding back their smile, or they have problems with their teeth, it can be a huge obstacle of them to just live their life. It takes a lot of energy to hold back a smile or to not go out with friends ’cause you’re embarrassed about your denture or partial coming out.

Randy Alvarez:  That’s common, there’s a lot of people that feel this way?

Derrick Johnson:  Yeah, yeah.

This is powerful. When we can solve that problem and that’s no longer an issue in their life, it’s huge.

Randy Alvarez:  If somebody’s about to lose all their teeth or they already have a denture and they’re in your office, what are their options when it comes to dental implants?


Derrick Johnson:  Great thing about dental implants is there’s a wide variety of things that … ways that we can use dental implants. On the simple side of things, just two dental implants and we can convert that denture, all the sudden we have something that snaps in, snaps out. Now they can eat, they don’t have to worry about denture adhesive, their denture moving around, stabilizing a lower denture with just two implants.

Randy Alvarez:  You do a lot of that?


Derrick Johnson:  Do a lot of that, absolutely. Moving up from there, adding four implants, this is whole other level of stability and you can do that snap in, snap out. We can have … we can eliminate dentures altogether. Nothing comes in and out, there’s no palate.

implant supported dentures

Implant Supported Dentures

Sometimes the denture, it covers their mouth. They can’t sense the temperature, the texture, the taste of food. Adding implants, getting rid of that upper denture, getting rid of the palate, off of the sudden now, the flavor, texture, temperature of that food is back.

Randy Alvarez:  A permanent set of teeth on the lower, how many implants for that? If everything works out?


Derrick Johnson:  Ideally, you can do as little as four implants to have a fixed lower arch.

Randy Alvarez:  For a full arch of teeth? Okay, that don’t come in and out and then the upper?

Derrick Johnson:  The upper, four to six implants as far as if we want something that doesn’t come in and out. Anywhere from four to eight implants, but four would probably be the minimum on the upper.


When we give people a permanent set of teeth that don’t come in and out, they can eat whatever they want, we’re talking … you name it. Steak, nuts, fresh fruit, carrots, it’s like getting your teeth back again.

Randy Alvarez:  Do you tell you eating stories?

Derrick Johnson:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Randy Alvarez:  Are they afraid to eat at the beginning after they say, “Hey Doctor-”

Derrick Johnson:  They’re so conditioned to thinking that they have to pick and choose on a menu only certain things that they can eat, that it’s … they have to get some practice and oh my gosh, the sky’s the limit. They can just chew and digest things so much better.


There’s a lot of people who have digestive problems and have dentures because they can’t chew their food. That’s one of the most important steps in digestion, is being able to chew. Beyond just a smile, just from a health standpoint, it’s a pretty critical thing.

Randy Alvarez:  Is it more women that do this or more men?


Derrick Johnson:  It’s really 50/50. I wouldn’t say more one than the other. Sometimes men, it’s interesting, men come in and it’s more of this functional thing and they want to eat, then what happens is, they get their smile and they’re functioning fine and they start to get compliments from women about, “You’re smiling more, you look so much better,” and they get so … They didn’t come in for the smile but they’re so happy, that’s the part of the case. Sometimes they’re most happiest with.

Also, the reverse is true where women will come in and they really want to look younger and smile better and then they find out how much more that they can eat and how much more enjoyable food is.

Randy Alvarez:  You say it’s like a third set of teeth, dental implants.


Derrick Johnson:  Sure, there’s your baby teeth and then if your adult teeth don’t make it, that’s where dental implants come in. That can be your third set of teeth, yes.

Randy Alvarez:  We were talking in the green room, it’s almost like you spoke with frustration that dentistry is a lot of patchwork and that dental implants now, it’s like you’re giving people something back. Can you elaborate on that?

Derrick Johnson:  Sure. I see that a lot. People will come to me and they’ve been in a cycle of dental problems. Every six months, something breaking or hurting-

Randy Alvarez:  It’s a lot of money.

Derrick Johnson:  Yeah, it is. It’s like a money pit for them.


The thing we do differently is we really help people get a strategy. Let’s solve this thing that you’ve been dealing with for the last decade and let’s get it so that you can get a result today but let’s build this result to last and end this cycle of dental problems.

cosmetic dentistry planning

Randy Alvarez:  Some of these people, you do the same day. They come in with no teeth and they walk out with teeth. That’s real?

Derrick Johnson:  Yeah, they always walk out with teeth.

Randy Alvarez:  You’re never without teeth?

Derrick Johnson:  Right, let me show you a case here.

Randy Alvarez:  Okay.


Derrick Johnson:  This was a patient, great lady and she had so many gifts. Public speaking was her gift, that’s what she’s been doing her whole life. She’s been helping veterans and working with the American Legion. Her mouth was slowly falling apart. It got to the point where she wasn’t doing public speaking, she was passing on jobs, speaking engagements, things like that.


Actually the before picture, right before we started, another tooth had come out a week before we planned to start. That picture I’m showing you, that picture was taken a week later, but she looked like that the same day.

before and after dental implants mountain home arkansas

When with do this work, we have the whole case planned, the teeth are built the day you have it done, you have a smile on that day. That’s a fixed set of teeth there, she doesn’t take anything in and out and that’s her picture a week later. Look already what happened to her personality.

Randy Alvarez:  They do look, she looks different. A little bit like two different people.


Derrick Johnson:  And her career’s back. She’s back, she’s got a promotion, she’s back speaking again. I’m gonna show you another case and I want to show you the health effects because we do everything we can to help people save their teeth but there comes point when the teeth can get so diseased, I call them toxic teeth and this is an infection in your mouth.

If you think about it, your mouth, this infection gets into your bloodstream, you’re swallowing things-

Randy Alvarez:  That’s a bacterial infection to the mouth.


Derrick Johnson:  It’s a bacterial infection. I want to show you this case just to touch on that because it’s so obvious. This picture is taken about three months apart but just take a look at the before picture. Just take a look at the eyes, the skin tone, the teeth and then we handled that infection and take a look at the results there, looks like a new guy, doesn’t it?

Randy Alvarez:  Yeah, it does.

Derrick Johnson:  Yeah, absolutely.

Randy Alvarez:  I mean it really does.

Derrick Johnson:  Yeah. A lot of his health problems were centering around this disease he had in his mouth.


Randy Alvarez:  This infection lives on the teeth that are … and when you take them out, the gums get healthy?

Derrick Johnson:  Exactly.

Randy Alvarez:  Your gums can’t be too unhealthy to get dental implants?

Derrick Johnson:  No.

Randy Alvarez:  They’re not more likely to fall out when you have bad gums?


Derrick Johnson:  No, when the teeth and disease is removed, that’s where the bacteria is collecting is on the teeth. When the teeth are out, the infection’s out. Just because somebody has periodontal disease or disease in their mouth, doesn’t mean they can’t have dental implants, that’s not true. They’re actually a great candidate, they’re one of the best candidates for dental implants because that’s the best option available for them.

Randy Alvarez:  It doesn’t look like the same guy.

Derrick Johnson:  It doesn’t look like the same guy.

Randy Alvarez:  Almost more educated. I’m not trying to side with you but when I look at this, it is a big transformation.

cosmetic dentistry options

Derrick Johnson:  Yeah and you look at some of these cases and people really get … they can get discriminated against because-

Randy Alvarez:  What do you mean by that, discriminated against?

Derrick Johnson:  Well people judge people by how their smile looks.

Randy Alvarez:  Like maybe they don’t have money or …

Derrick Johnson:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Randy Alvarez:  Interesting, interesting point.


Derrick Johnson:  Yeah. Imagine some of these pictures, we look at them together but as far as, which person is gonna get the job promotion or get the loan, people make judgments about other people by how they look and a smile is a central part of somebody’s face.

Just look at the studies as far as attractiveness on a mate, its always right top of the list, smile, eyes, these things are the most attractive features that people look for. It’s a very powerful thing when somebody’s now smiling and confident.


Randy Alvarez:  Charisma’s tied to that smile.

Derrick Johnson:  Yeah, absolutely. Absolutely. It really … that’s what lets your personality really really shine.

best dental implant dentist bentonville arkansas

Here’s another case I want to show you. She had some health issues that were jeopardizing her teeth, some teeth needed to go, we could save some, we used dental implant so she has a situation where nothing comes in and out, she’s got her smile back, she got her mouth back.

Hey, I have plenty of cases, do I have time for a couple more?

Randy Alvarez:  Two more, because we have about two minutes left.


cosmetic dentistry transformations mountain home arkanas

Derrick Johnson:  This is a patient, here she came to me. She was … had been hiding her smile, she had a set of dentures, she wasn’t happy with how they looked, how they felt what she could eat. She was finding herself hiding her smile. We rebuilt her smile, we used dental implants to support the arch of teeth, now she went from hiding her smile to now, she’s getting compliments about her smile. Her mouth and smile is a source of compliments for her.  In one afternoon, Randy, her life’s transformed.


Randy Alvarez:  Very nice, we’re gonna take another break, we come back, probably time for one more photo. You’re watching the Wellness Hour, I’m Randy Alvarez, we’ll be right back.


Speaker 7:   The difference between dentures and implants is like night and day. You can … I mean I couldn’t eat pizza before ever since I had dentures. 35 years or plus, I haven’t been able to really eat pizza. Now, with my implants, I can bite, I can literally bite off a piece of pizza and chew it on one side or the other and they’re not going anywhere.


My confidence has just escalated. I got my face back, I got my smile back. The first time I got the implants and my husband looked at me, I haven’t seen that look in his eyes in a long time and that just absolutely warmed my heart and I thought, yeah, if nothing else, that was worth it.

Randy Alvarez:  You’re watching the Wellness Hour, I’m Randy Alvarez, we’re discussing replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

You can get this into your 80’s, 90’s years old, you can go in and get a fixed set of teeth. The implants aren’t more likely to fall out if you’re older?


Derrick Johnson: No, age … there’s no age restrictions on this. Basically, someone has to be in decent health, of course, to have any procedure done but there’s no age restrictions.

Example, this is Warren, he is 93 years old. He came to me and yeah, he had a lot of trouble with is teeth and I wasn’t quite sure, at 93, what’s the best thing? He told me he said, “Look,” he said, “I’ve seen what you’ve done,” he says, “Do what you can do with my teeth.”


At 93, he knew what he wanted but he was an interesting case. Look at this before, after in detail and look at his eyes, look at his skin, look at his posture. With him, we gave him a full upper and lower set of teeth, nothing comes in and out, he can eat what he wants.

before and after smiles with cosmetic dentistry

When these patients, they see their teeth for the first time. It reminds me of a story, I talk about this case earlier but I sat the patient up in the chair, I gave her a mirror and she took a look at her smile of the first time. I could just see it in her face, it was a really powerful moment and just a tear welled up in her eye and she was so happy.


She knew this was the first day of the rest her life.

Randy Alvarez:  Like a new beginning.

Derrick Johnson:  A new beginning, for sure. That’s great.

Randy Alvarez:  Do people want to hug you? I think you told me they want to hug you.

Derrick Johnson:  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get lots of hugs and that makes my day. Anyway, yeah I really love what I do, I’m passionate about it and those things definitely make it all worth it.


Randy Alvarez:  We should mention I guess Medicare, Medicaid and we’re out of time but Medicare, Medicaid, does not cover it, here in the US. insurance doesn’t cover the whole procedure for dental implants but you work, you offer financing in your office?

Derrick Johnson:  Yes, yes. We do offer financing. I have a person in my office, her job is helping people find a way to do this as far as, we want to make sure its done in a budget that they can afford, there’s financing available and that’s why I said there’s different ranges of treatment plans and there is … we can find something affordable for just about everybody.

dental implant financing arkansas


Randy Alvarez:  Okay good. Final message, somebody watching this, maybe they’re still afraid, they’re worried about pain, they think they’re too old or their teeth is just falling out, what do you say? What’s their first move?

Derrick Johnson:  One thing, we’ve been talking this whole show about dental implants right? What we’re really talking about is enjoying the most important things out of life. Enjoying laughing, connecting with friends, kissing your wife, dating, being active, being confident, eating the foods that you want. This is what we’re really, really talking about.


The reason I’m doing this show is I want people to know that there’s help out there for it and even people who think that their situation is hopeless.

Randy Alvarez:  Is it a free consultation?

Derrick Johnson:  Consultation’s free, there’s no charge for that.

Randy Alvarez:  They get to see you?

Derrick Johnson:  Yeah, sit down with me, we’ll talk about their dental situation, I give an idea of what their options are and we go from there.

Randy Alvarez:  How soon can you tell them with predictability or certainty, that they’re candidates?

Derrick Johnson:  That day.

Randy Alvarez:  That day.

Derrick Johnson:  That day.


Randy Alvarez:  Okay good. I want to thank you for coming to the show, very good. Very interesting and they can go to your website, look at these phots, find out more.

Derrick Johnson:  Absolutely.

Randy Alvarez:  Alright thanks.

You’re watching The Wellness Hour, I’m Randy Alvarez, for now, I wish you good health.

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