Pam’s Story (Custom Fit Dentures That Changed My Life)

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Pam:  I had ill-fitting dentures and I knew I could have better.

The things I didn’t like with my previous denture was they were piano key little teeth.

They didn’t look the least bit natural, not the least bit.

They were ill-fitting. They jumped around, so I wanted something because I knew and I had seen and read a little bit, and I knew that there were dentist out there who could fix all that for me. And I found him.

cosmetic dentures bentonville arkansas before and after

My husband and I came here, and I had a consultation with Dr. Johnson.

The pictures and everything he went through everything and I felt no surprises at all and I loved what I saw. And I could see that in my case.

I decided to come here because first of all it was such a relaxing comfortable gracious atmosphere.

All the people were just awesome.  I’ve never been involved in an office that made you feel like that.

I mean I didn’t wait. You know everything was excellent. The sheer time Dr. Johnson took to make everything right… right away, you knew this is not stick the stuff in your mouth and come back and get your teeth that afternoon.

You knew that problems were being addressed and even though you I wasn’t expecting that much time to be taken, but I loved it because I end up with exactly what I wanted.

Obviously when someone takes that kind of time with you and does the kind of job that Dr. Johnson did here…  it’s going to cost more money.

And you know, we would pay it again. Just like that.

It turned out better than I could imagine. I knew it was going to be good because I saw the pictures that he presented in.  However, I had no idea that I could feel that good about smiling again.

If I had the opportunity to influence anybody I would certainly encourage them to give this a shot.

I mean, it’s.  I can’t explain. It’s just more than you could hope for, you know?

cosmetic dentures bentonville mountain home arkansas

When you’ve been like I was… very self-conscious of my smile and how I even interacted with people. It’s nice to have conversations with people and have them look at my eyes instead.

You know my old smile was not attractive and I knew it, but you know. In my job I wore masks all day.

So it’s just so different for me to be able to smile and feel confident you know.

It’s different.

It changed my life… really.

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