Look Years Younger with Age‑Defying Treatments

“One of the unique aspects of Integrated Dentistry is my understanding of facial structure and esthetics. Think of the face as a circus tent. If a storm comes through and knocks the posts down, the tent starts to sag. With a complete restoration, we can put those posts back into place and restore your natural beauty.”
‑ Dr. Derrick Johnson

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Look at the photos below and note how the alignment of the teeth and the removal of disease affects the overall appearance of the face, the eyes, the skin, muscle tone, and symmetry. The Natural FaceLift Effect is changing the supporting structure by repairing the structure of the bone and teeth structure, and putting things back in alignment. This creates that 10-years younger appearance you're looking for. Call today for a free consultation.

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Becky’s New Smile

Dr. Derrick Johnson helped Becky regain her beautiful youthful smile. A lot of people are in the situation where they have systemic problems with their jaws, teeth, and there’s tension from their jaw joints and teeth not aligning. With Becky’s smile restored and jaw aligned properly, she feels and looks amazing.

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We’ve taken a high-stress, diseased system and realigned it. We’ve removed any disease that was present, and created a low-stress system where the jaw, teeth, and bite are harmonious. It’s easy to see the effect the restored system has on her appearance, her confidence, and her perceived age.