Eric’s Story (Dental Implant Treatment)

Video Transcription

Derrick Johnson: Hey, hello. This is Dr. Johnson at Integrated Dentistry, and I am here with Eric, and Eric, we just finished up a really great case. I’m so happy with it, but the important thing is I wanna make sure Eric’s happy with it. So Eric, tell me whatever’s on your mind as far as your teeth, as far as the process, or what things feel like now, and go for it.

Eric: Absolutely. Well, I struggled with, lost my two front teeth when I was 10 years old, so basically my whole life I’ve not had the use, the full use of my front teeth, and I can tell you that I now feel like I’m normal, which is crazy.

Eric: I love the staff here. Dr. Jonson, himself, and his staff are second to none. The entire experience has been wonderful. I can’t say enough great things about him, and I am just so thrilled to have gone through this process with them, and I’m so glad that I’ve gotten the results that we have. So, I just wanna thank you for sure.

Derrick Johnson: All right. I appreciate that, and your case wasn’t, it wasn’t a little. You had quite a few … we did a rebuild a pretty good section of your mouth, as far as it wasn’t just the front teeth. You were missing kind of a whole group of teeth, so we did multiple implants.

Eric: And it started with the two front teeth, but as time went over, and the bridges got wider, more teeth failed, and it just basically became a big mess. I was at, the point where I was at a temporary partial … what’s the word I’m looking for?

eric smile before dental implants

Eric’s Smile Before Dental Implants

Derrick Johnson: Yeah, yeah, a rebuild partial, exactly.

Eric: Exactly. And so, then now to have this to be permanent, it’s-

Derrick Johnson: What’s the biggest difference from a removable to having something that really is locked in and feels like your teeth?

Eric: It’s like, how would you describe it, it is, honestly it’s like having something plastic in your mouth that acts and looks like teeth, but really aren’t. And so, you’re always constantly having to work around that as you’re eating or talking or anything else. And now, I feel like I’ve got something in there that is 100% permanent, and it feels like it’s a part of my body.

eric smile after dental implants

Eric’s Smile After Dental Implants

Derrick Johnson: All right. Well Eric, fantastic. Any comments as far as the implant, surgeries, and recoveries, and temporaries? I know there was a lot of steps of this. Did you feel like you stayed basically comfortable through the process?

Eric: I’ll tell you, going in I had some trepidation. I had heard about bone implants and all this stuff, and the funny thing about it, you build this stuff up in your mind that’s gonna be, I don’t know, difficult or painful or whatever, and it really wasn’t. It really was very smooth. You guys took such great care of me. The recovery time was simple. Everything bounced back really fast. It was really pretty much routine. It was great. The process, everything about it was.

Derrick Johnson: All right, well we enjoyed every bit of it as far as spending time with you, and the case was great, and so thanks for everything Eric.

Eric: Absolutely.

Derrick Johnson: All right.

Eric: Thank you.

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