Dental Implants VS Dentures (What’s the difference?)

dental implants vs dentures


Hi, I’m Dr. Derrick Johnson of Integrated Dentistry, and one of the things I do every day, is I help people replace missing teeth. And a lot of times I see people who have either lost all their teeth, or their teeth are diseased to a point where they need to lose all their teeth. And a question I often get are, what are my options as far as replacing my teeth? And you know, people have heard of dentures, most people have heard of implants these days. So I want to talk about some basic concepts.

Number one thing I would say is, by far the best tooth replacement options involve dental implants, and here’s why. When you lose teeth and we put dentures in, nothing’s holding the denture in other than just … it’s just pressing on your gums. On the upper, it somewhat creates a suction, you can get some retention. On the lower, the lower teeth really are just floating around. So it can be a very, very difficult transition. And even the best made dentures, especially the lowers, are really tough. I really try to direct people towards implants because the result is so much better.

I’m going to show you a little video here. This company Consult-PRO, they make some great animations, but this is going to show the loss of the teeth. And there’s different ways to do implants, but I’ll explain this particular technique.

The teeth are gone, under the gums, some implants were placed. And really anywhere from four to six implants in the lower arch is good. We can get away with as little as two, can be helpful, but four to six is much better just because the more support we have … we’d rather over engineer it, than under engineer it.

So this is showing the healing phase, and in this case, we’re going to have a temporary denture here that’s placed while the implants heal. There’s also a technique where we can attach the teeth the day we put the implants in, it’s called Immediate Load. And I can talk about that in another video.

But this is showing the next stage. When the implants are ready, we’re going to change the parts out, these are called abutments, and we’re going to build a set of teeth. And in this case, these teeth are going to be fixed into place. And those are going to go over top of the implants, and then we have some screws that are going to connect to those implants. And this is a type of restoration that you don’t take in and out. So this is going to be the most realistic, as far as really feeling, and chewing, and working like your real teeth.

And I’m going show you an actual case here, of what this looks like in real life. Here’s a patient of mine, her name is Cheri, and Cheri is kind enough to let me show her case. What she was really struggling with, with her smile, she didn’t like the way her smile looked and her teeth, we had lots of problems with her teeth, where she couldn’t keep her teeth. And I want to show you when we were done, what that result looked like.

dental implant, mountain home, ar

Before and After Dental Implants

Now these are teeth that she does not take in and out. I mean, these look, feel and function like she has a new set of teeth back. And I’ll show you the X-ray, what’s going on. We got six implants on the top and four implants on the bottom. And this is a material called zirconium, it is a very hard life-like material. It’s easy to keep clean, and you can see just a nice natural look of that.

That’s really, in 2018, the best option for full tooth replacement.

Then there’s one other option I wanted to show you in between that, it’s kind of in between levels. It involves implants, but we can do two to four implants. Four is definitely much better because it’s like four legs on a table, we want that support. But these come in and out. So it’s like a lower denture, but it snaps in. It’s called an Overdenture. And what this does is, now your biting pressure’s increased, we don’t have any movement of the denture, it’s not pressing against the gums, you don’t need any of the denture goo to hold things in place. So this is a very, very good option.

Again, those are basic tooth replacement options. We have dentures, which they are definitely wrought with some problems. And implants are the, really kind of a modern miracle to solve those types of problems.

So anyway, I hope that was helpful. We help people with missing teeth every day, so if we can be of any help to you, answer any questions, we’re Feel free to contact us.

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