Custom Fit Cosmetic Dentures (Choosing the Perfect Denture)

Transcription (Custom Fit Cosmetic Dentures):

Hi. I’m Dr. Derrick Johnson. I wanted to talk to you in more detail about dentures.

First off, when someone loses their teeth, they’re really losing more than just their teeth. They’re also losing the bone that supports the teeth. A lot of people don’t realize how much impact teeth in the jawbone has on the look of somebody’s face, and when some teeth or all teeth are lost, the face tends to get this sunken in look, and you start to look years older than what you are.

accelerated bone loss

With a denture, you’re replacing more than just the teeth. How dentures are typically made is impressions are taken. Those impressions are sent to a laboratory.

Resin or plastic teeth are set up in a row, and they’re arbitrarily set up, and then the denture is processed and delivered to the patient, and the patient adapts to that denture. Sometimes, that works out okay. Other times, it doesn’t. There’s denture problems that come about because there’s some key steps that have been overlooked.

plastic denture

What we do different here with this process, with the custom-fit, cosmetic denture process is we really build the denture around you, so you’re not adapting to the denture.

We really adapt that denture to fit you, how your jaw works, how your muscles work, the shape of your face, the shape of your smile, and attention to those details really makes all the difference, and so I want to describe that process to you in more detail.

custom fit denture

The biggest key in making a great set of dentures is knowing that there’s a very narrow window of where the teeth actually want to be. There’s a zone where your body just knows that those teeth should be, and when the teeth are placed there, it is more comfortable. You have better function. Your smile looks natural, and so the biggest difference with this process is we go through and take the time to find out exactly where that zone is for you.

porcelain tooth placement

Porcelain teeth placement

How we do that is I custom set the front teeth to assure that we found that narrow window of where those teeth are going to look and function the best. It’s not just the placement of the teeth. It’s actually the type of teeth that we use, too. We use a porcelain tooth, and the reason we use a porcelain tooth is it’s much more natural looking. It looks like a real tooth.

Most dentures today, well over 90% of dentures in the United States are made out of a plastic or a resin, and the other problem with a resin tooth is they wear out. Porcelain’s much more durable. It’s not going to wear over time. When we set those teeth, we set them with just some minor imperfections that really gives it a natural look.

Another thing that we customize is we don’t just take impressions of your gums. We also take impressions that gives us a recording of how your muscles work and how your lip and tongue and all these important factors that come into play when the denture is in and working, and another thing that’s extremely important is how the dentures bite together and fit. We take measurements of how your jaw works, and we align that denture so it works with how your jaw naturally works, and how we detail that when the denture is finished, we actually test the bite on a computer that tells us exactly how the teeth are touching, and it makes a recording of that so we can adjust that denture precisely so it’s even and balanced.

Computer Bite Test

Bite Test: Ensures proper denture fit.

Once we find out where those teeth need to be and we select the right tooth for you, we get everything set up and before the denture’s processed, you see the denture, and I want to make sure that you love them, and we take photographs of them. We make sure everything is just right so there’s no guesswork in the process. Once you love them and I love them, then the dentures are processed and finished, and at the next appointment, we deliver the denture.

What we find is once a person begins to understand these concepts and they start to realize the difference in this process, that even though the costs are greater, people will routinely choose this option, and the other thing we find is when they’re done with the process and they’re looking back, they can’t imagine doing it any other way.

perfect denture

The decisions that you make about your dentures and how you get them done has a huge impact on your day-to-day life, and we see that every day, is that when we’re solving someone’s denture problems and giving them a beautiful, natural, customized denture, that it really has a huge impact on their life, and that really excites us, and we’re passionate about what we do, and so if these ideas are making sense to you, certainly come in and find out more about it. I would love to have a chance to meet with you and talk with you more about it.

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