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“There’s a whole art to cosmetic dentistry as far as the laws of proportion and building a smile that’s in harmony with someone’s facial structure, their lips, and the shape of their smile.”
‑ Dr. Derrick Johnson

Enjoy the Smile You Deserve

At Integrated Dentistry, we know that your smile has a huge impact on your life. Studies have even shown that people who are self-conscious about their smiles can suffer in their personal and professional life. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving you the smile you deserve. Dr. Johnson offers many advanced cosmetic treatment options, and with his skilled hands, light touch, and an eye for detail, he can transform your smile so you can walk out of our office with a new outlook on life.

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Transforming Smiles & Lives

“I thought my teeth were beyond hope and I was embarrassed to smile. It’s amazing. It’s also nice to be able to chew without fear, and not to have to endure the jaw/mouth discomfort that was caused by teeth that didn’t function properly. I’m 100% satisfied with my investment and Dr. Johnson’s work!” ‑ Lloyd

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