Great Oral Care is the Secret to Long Life

“One thing I’ve found in the 24 years of practice is that dentistry holds a secret key to the quality of a person’s life. What I mean by that is it affects a person’s health, their energy, their longevity, how people perceive them, their own self image… all of these things are impacted.”
‑ Dr. Derrick Johnson

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Prevention is Key

Visiting our office at regular intervals for your checkups and cleanings isn’t just a good way to get to know our hygienists; it’s also vital for your dental health. It helps us identify issues early so they can be solved quickly, and also prevents problems from happening in the first place.

Feel and Look Better

With regular cleanings, you’ll have better overall health, increased confidence, and your teeth will be more protected. It can even extend your life! And our team will be with you at every step, offering guidance and gentle care. Regular dental visits and good habits at home work together to prevent cavities, prevent tooth loss and decay, improve gum health, brighten your smile, freshens your breath, and saves you money long-term because we can catch most problems prior to them becoming costly. Watch the video to learn more about how great dental care can impact your life for the better.


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Edith is Over the Moon Ecstatic About the Results

“I used to have to smile with my mouth closed, and now I have a big-grin smile… I was scared at the beginning, but all I took was a phone call and consultation to get started.” ‑ Edith