Carolee’s Story (Choosing the Perfect Set of Cosmetic Dentures)

Video Transcription

Derrick Johnson: Hi, this is Dr. Derrick Johnson at Integrated Dentistry, and I am here with Carol Lee today, and today is an exciting day because you got your new smile.

Carol Lee: Absolutely.

Derrick Johnson: Anyway, so Carol Lee, just tell me a little bit about your experience. I know you kind of put off doing something with your teeth for a while, and then you found us.

Carol Lee: Right.

Derrick Johnson: Tell us about that journey, what things have been like, and then how you … what’s it been like here?

Choosing Teeth for Dentures

Carol Lee: Okay, I’d be pleased. Yes, you’re right, I did put it off for a very long time. I was not happy with the dentures I had, but to be perfectly honest, as I sort of looked around, it seemed like either people didn’t know what they were doing, didn’t know anything about it, or as I commented once before, I didn’t want the $400 teeth that looked like Halloween.

Carol Lee: I saw the brochure from you, and actually I had it for several months. I just sort of saved it, but I kept it, and then one day, I just said to my husband, I said, “Better check this guy out. This sounds like they know what they’re doing. It sounds like they’re proud of what they’re doing, and they’re willing to put themselves out that way.” So I did make the appointment, met Noelle, delightful woman. I came in, I met Dr. Derrick, and his entire staff just couldn’t be more pleasant. I felt comfortable, I felt confident, and especially after the first appointment, I knew I’d found what I was looking for.

Carol Lee: I truly could not be more pleased. That’s all I can say. I just couldn’t be more pleased. I would recommend them highly to anyone. In fact, I’ll probably be telling people, because I know they’re going to notice my teeth.

Custom Dentures Pictures

Derrick Johnson: All right. Well, speaking of that, are you okay if we show your picture here?

Carol Lee: Absolutely.

Derrick Johnson: All right. Well, let’s pan over and take a look at Carol Lee’s picture. When I first saw you, I knew … I was so excited to do your case because you’re such a beautiful woman. Your bone structure is amazing and I could see some things that were lacking with your existing teeth, that I knew we could make better, right off the bat. So I really focused, when we were building this, on getting your facial structure back, getting the symmetry back, and I think we can really see that in your eyes and the support of your cheekbones. You just look fantastic and I’m really, really happy with the result, and I’m happy for you.

Carol Lee: Well, I’m just excited that I will feel comfortable smiling again because I had reached a point where I was not comfortable with that at all.

Derrick Johnson: Yeah, and that’s a big deal.

Carol Lee: People want to live, smiling.

Derrick Johnson: Right. All right. Well, hey, thanks.

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